Promotional Kit

A promotional kit consists of small Sisterhood items such as membership applications, brochures, bookmarks, heart calendars and what other items may be available. These kits will be available to local lodges for use at local events for the purpose of promoting Danish Sisterhood membership. For example, if there is a Heritage Festival in your area, and your Lodge decides to participate by setting up a booth or table at the festival, you can request a promotional kit by filling out a “Request for Promotional Kit” form. Copies of this form will be made available to the delegates at the District Conventions, and can also be obtained by contacting the Membership Chairman.

The form is very simple to fill out. It will ask for the name of the event, the sponsor of the event, the date, time and location, as well as an anticipated number of visitors.

After the event, we ask that you send a short written report, including pictures, with your evaluation of how successful the event was in terms of interested visitors at your Sisterhood “booth”. Your feedback will then help us decide if the Promotional Kits are a worthwhile project.

Also available from the National Board, for the purpose of promoting membership, is a $50 grant to help defray expenses for advertising, booth rental, etc. in connection with the event. We can also send you a sample press release. Please note that neither the kit nor the $50 grant is for use at District Conventions.

It is our hope that this Promotion Kit may inspire the lodges across the country to look for suitable events in which they will be able to participate.

Directions on how to request the Sisterhood banner for an event will also be included. You can borrow this banner for any event where it can be useful including District Conventions. We pay for the postage to you and you pay for the postage to return it.

Karen Vig-Keathley, Membership Chair
Email Karen
Phone: (708) 715-0071

To request a Sisterhood Promotional Kit:

Either submit an Online Request Form below or use a PDF printable download.