Danish Culture & Traditions

Many of Denmark’s cultural traditions are born from the rich legacy of Nordic paganism which later blended with Christian ideologies. Today one sees many public holidays, traditions, and festivals based on the Christian calendar.

Linking these celebrations together, no matter the origin of the celebration, is the focus on spending time with family and friends.

Helpful Links

This section contains an extensive list of links to help you connect with resources related to Denmark and Danish life. These websites are not associated with the Danish Sisterhood of America, but are offered simply to be of help to you.

Geneology: Tracing Your Danish Roots

Many people have a great interest in their Danish heritage and roots. This interest leads many people to join the Danish Sisterhood of America to learn about this wonderful culture that we share as Viking descendants.

Our members are often inspired at some point to trace their Danish heritage to find out where in Denmark their family is from, to find out when and why they might have immigrated, and to connect themselves with their rich family history and sometimes even long-lost relatives in Denmark.

Danish Recipes

Visit this section of our website to access a variety of recipes that have been contributed by our members.

Danish Sisterhood History

Christine Hemmingsen, founder of the Danish Sisterhood of America, was inspired to create the organization after the death of a family friend, a young woman who left a bereaved husband and two children.  Fraternal organizations existed for men to help in such situations, but nothing for women. Her compassion and experience sparked the formation of our organization.