Lodge Support


Organizing a new Danish Sisterhood Lodge can be a gratifying experience. You need a minimum of 10 people – that are Danish, of Danish descent, or with a strong interest in Denmark and things Danish – to establish a local lodge. Your local lodge will be part of the national organization-The Danish Sisterhood of America, which will connect you to members across the United States and Canada.

Recruiting Prospective Members

There are a variety of ways to recruit prospective members. The following list can help start your recruitment efforts. Sample ads, informational brochures and other promotional materials are available through the Sisterhood National Board.

  • Place ads, news releases, notices or public service announcements in local newspapers and radio stations. The National Organization will reimburse new lodges up to $50.00 towards placement of paid advertising.
  • Distribute Danish Sisterhood informational brochures in gift shops, bakeries, furniture stores, etc. Stores that carry Scandinavian or other ethnic items may be especially good locations.
  • Place brochures in libraries, colleges, universities, or other public buildings.
  • Contact other ethnic organizations in the community and request their assistance in locating prospective members.
  • Contact travel agents, foreign language teachers, and university professors or anyone that may have contact with individuals interested in Danish heritage.
  • Compile a mailing list of possible contacts. Sources may include telephone books, churches, service or civic organizations.
  • Send a brochure, meeting information and promotional items to those who respond to any of the recruitment efforts.
  • Follow up with a personal contact encouraging their participation.


Hosting An Informational Meeting

When enough people have responded to your promotional efforts, you will organize an informational meeting. Select a meeting location that will be convenient for prospective members. A community hall, library, church, private home, or bank’s meeting room are possible locations. Use the media to publicize the meeting date, time and location. Include the purpose of the meeting, who is invited to attend, and mention that the Danish Sisterhood of America is the sponsoring organization.

We Can Help! For Assistance in Organizing a Local Lodge Contact:
Karen Vig-Keathley, National Trustee for Membership – [email protected]