Funeral Benefit

An important historical component of our organization was the offering of a member funeral benefit. Designed to off-set costs for members, this was an important way to support new immigrants from Denmark during a difficult time in their lives.

While the funeral benefit has been discontinued for new members, many Danish Sisterhood members still carry a funeral benefit certificate. If you are a family member of a deceased Sister and would like to collect payment as a beneficiary, follow these steps:

    1. Members must be in good standing to be eligible for benefit payment (beneficiary need not be a member).
    2. A copy of the member’s death certificate and the funeral benefit certificate should be sent to our National Secretary for processing: Glenda Madrid, [email protected] who will request payment be sent to the beneficiary.

For more information on the Danish Sisterhood of America’s funeral benefit, contact our National Secretary.


Angel Status

DSS Angels are members who have generously gifted their funeral benefit back to the Danish Sisterhood as a way to honor our organization’s traditions. Members continue to maintain annual certificate payments, and the benefit is transfered to the Danish Sisterhood upon your passing. If you wish to make this pledge, you may:

    • Change your beneficiary to Danish Sisterhood of America
    • Change your beneficiary to one of the national scholarship or grant funds (Betty Hansen Scholarship, Past National Officers, Camp Grant, etc)

To change your status, submit a Beneficiary Change Form to the National Secretary.  Individuals without a funeral benefit as part of their membership category can participate by donating $1,000 to the Danish Sisterhood of America.

Thank you to our Angels

The following Danish Sisterhood members have made the pledge to be a DSS Angel.

Viola Wilson, Lodge 166

Joann Scott, Lodge 168

Dorothy Petersen, Lodge 126

Karin Plagens, Lodge 188

Sandra Nelson, Lodge 75

Carole Hodges, Lodge 22

Andrea Sue Welling Leih, Lodge 15

Elizabeth Haar, Lodge 12

Glenda Madrid, Lodge 177

Nancy J. Mayland, Lodge 125

Johanne Gade, Lodge 171

Diann Weinman, Lodge 102

Carol Smith, Lodge 149

Meredith Sorensen, Lodge 187

Marie Jaeger, Lodge 177

Debra Spotz, Lodge 15

Christina Sallee, Lodge 81

Bente Bob, Lodge 185

Marianne Larsen, Lodge 177

Vicki Bousquet, Lodge 90

Melissa Sallee, Lodge 81

Marie Fairbanks, Lodge 165

Constance Schneider, Lodge 90

Susan R. Fisher, Lodge 102

Lou Ann Jensen, Lodge 15

Hanne Skaarup, Lodge 125

Else Lassiter, Lodge 177

Pamela H. Ruben, Lodge 15

Carolyn Sias, Lodge 166

Ruth M. Brigden, Lodge 126

Kristine Huss, Lodge 15

Seena Drapala, Lodge 142

Margaret Wetzel, Lodge 165

Verina Farrell, Lodge 177

Lorraine Buchanan, Lodge 86

Janice L. Schneider, Lodge 15

Janelle Willis, Lodge 102

Linda Holz, Lodge 102