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Today’s Danish Sisterhood has many lodges located throughout the United States and Canada. We are proud to be the largest Danish-American organization in North America.

Membership in the Danish Sisterhood is an opportunity to become active in a local lodge. A lodge provides socialization with other women and men interested in Denmark and the chance to learn more about Danish customs and traditions.

Through monthly meetings, local lodges offer a variety of benefits including guest speakers, language lessons, cooking demonstrations, travel logs, civic projects and Danish craft lessons. Every lodge is unique and brings Denmark to life for its members in a variety of ways.

If there is not a lodge located near you, we would like to invite you to join our virtual lodge, Tivoli Lodge #300. Tivoli Lodge members stay connected through monthly virtual gatherings, email contact and a Facebook Group.

We would also welcome the opportunity to work with you to establish a new lodge in your hometown. See “Organizing a Lodge” for complete details on how to start a lodge.

To learn more about Lodges, contact Karen Vig-Keathley, National Trustee.


TIVOLI LODGE (Participate from Anywhere)

The Tivoli Lodge is a virtual lodge for members who live too far away to make it possible to attend a lodge meeting in their local area. The lodge members connect monthly by way of virtual meetings (Zoom), their own Facebook group, by email or phone.

Tivoli Lodge #300
Organized 2002
Contact: Lillian Jensen, Lodge Secretary
Email: [email protected]
Lodge Facebook Group:
Lode website:



Bluewater Mermaids Lodge #184 | Sarnia, Ontario, Canada / Pt. Huron, Michigan
Organized March 31, 2001
Contact: Rigmor Glen, Lodge Secretary
Email: [email protected]


Margrethe Lodge #24 | San Francisco, California
Organized March 28, 1894
Contact: Lizette Burtis, Lodge Secretary
Email: [email protected]

Princess Marie Lodge #68 | Los Angeles, California
Organized January 22, 1903
Contact: Susanne Costantini, Lodge Secretary
Email: [email protected]
Lodge Facebook Page:

Gyldenstjerne Lodge #126 | Petaluma, CA
Organized October 14, 1911
Contact: Carol Hansen, Lodge Secretary
Email: [email protected]

Fjelddronning Lodge #131 | Ferndale, California
Organized January 7, 1913
Contact: Eunice Sanborn, Lodge Secretary
Email: [email protected]
Phone: (707) 786-4394

Fremtiden Lodge #149 | Fresno, California
Organized May 5, 1916
Contact: Martha Nielsen, Lodge Secretary
Email: [email protected]
Phone: (559) 970-0313

Crown Princess Ingrid Lodge #165 | Santa Barbara, California
Organized September 5, 1939
Contact: Jette Manuel, Lodge Secretary
Email: [email protected]

Vintergækken Lodge #168 | Bakersfield, California
Organized February 2, 1947
Contact: David Millbrodt, Lodge Secretary
Email: [email protected]

Flora Danica Lodge #177 | Solvang, California
Organized March 20, 1965
Contact: Lisa Pedersen, Lodge Secretary
Email: [email protected] 


Ellen Lodge #21 | Denver, Colorado Organized September 3, 1892
Contact: Andrea Thomsen | Lodge Secretary
Email: [email protected]
Lodge Website:


Freden Lodge #12 | New Haven, Connecticut
Organized January 12, 1890
Contact: Elaine Swirsky, Lodge Secretary
Email: [email protected]

Frihed Lodge #153 | Hartford, Connecticut
Organized April 11, 1918
Contact: Karen Kollar, Lodge Secretary
Email: [email protected]
Phone: (860) 621-5990


Sunshine Lodge #181 | Holiday, Florida
Organized April 5, 1987
Contact: Leslie McCutcheon | Lodge Secretary
Email: [email protected]


Dagmar Lodge #4 | Chicago, Illinois
Organized March 29, 1885
Contact: Jean Jackson , Lodge Secretary
Email: [email protected]


Davenport Lodge #3 | Davenport, Iowa
Organized September 14, 1884
Contact: Paulette Fisher, Lodge Secretary
Email: [email protected]

Des Moines Lodge #102 | Des Moines, Iowa
Organized June 21, 1907
Contact: Jeanie Clark, Lodge Secretary
Email: [email protected]


Christine Lodge #1 | Negaunee, Michigan
Organized December 15, 1883
Contact: Amy Ahola, Lodge Secretary
Email: [email protected]
Lodge Blog:
Lodge Facebook Page:

Enighed Lodge #49 | Ludington, Michigan
Organized December 9, 1899
Contact: Linda Schneider, Lodge Secretary
Phone: 231-845-5074

Dorethea Lodge #65 | Greenville, Michigan
Organized January 3, 1903
Contact: Linda Coles, Lodge Secretary
Email: [email protected]

Nordstjerne Lodge #100 | Marlette, Michigan
Organized March 26, 1907
Contact: Loris Coltson, Lodge Secretary
Email: [email protected]

Bluewater Mermaids Lodge #184 | Sarnia, Ontario, Canada / Pt. Huron, Michigan
Organized March 31, 2001
Contact: Rigmor Glen, Lodge Secretary
Email: [email protected]


Amber Lodge #186 | Brainerd, Minnesota
Organized May 1, 2004
Contact: Leann Plinske, Lodge Secretary
Email: [email protected]
Lodge Facebook Page:


Danner Lodge #6 | Omaha, Nebraska
Organized October 27, 1888
Contact: Kimberly Jacobsen, Lodge Secretary
Email: [email protected] 

Danmarks Døtre Lodge #90 | Lincoln, Nebraska
Organized September 2, 1905
Contact: Patricia Wissink, Lodge Secretary
Email: [email protected]
Lodge Facebook Page: 

Vestens Stjerne Lodge #113 | Grand Island, Nebraska
Organized February 27, 1909
Contact: Edith Grim, Lodge Secretary
Phone: (308) 226-2578



Freja Lodge #36 | Perth Amboy, New Jersey
Organized September 26, 1896
Contact: Eloise Newton, Lodge Secretary
Email: [email protected] 


Haabets Fremtid Lodge #78 | Troy, New York
Organized March 5, 1904
Contact: Judith Jensen, Lodge Secretary
Email: [email protected]
Phone: 518-237-1866

Schenectady Lodge #142 | Schenectady, New York
Organized May 8, 1915
Contact: Linda Barry, Lodge Secretary
Phone: (518) 356-3163

Wendia Lodge #173 | Penn Yan, New York
Organized January 24, 1953
Contact: Meredith Sorensen, Lodge Secretary
Phone: (585) 586-9237

Dansk Familie Lodge #187 | Rochester, New York
Organized October 25, 2008
Contact: Linda Andersen, Lodge Secretary
Email: [email protected]


Danske Damer Lodge #185 | Cleveland, Ohio
Organized November 27, 2001
Contact: Laurel Covell, Lodge Secretary
Email: [email protected]


Mt. Hood Lodge #81 | Portland, Oregon
Organized August 9, 1904
Contact: Joy Jorgensen, Lodge Secretary
Email: [email protected]
Lodge Blog:
Lodge Facebook Page: 


Princess Marie Lodge #86 |Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Organized April 8, 1905
Contact: Bente Olesen Cloud
Email: [email protected]


Thyra Lodge #19
Olympia/Tacoma, Washington
Organized May 1, 1892
Contact: Dorrit Gruendell, Lodge Secretary
Email: [email protected]

Evergreen Lodge #40 | Seattle, Washington
Organized August 29, 1897
Contact: Karen Favero, Lodge Secretary
Email: [email protected]

Unity Lodge #75 | Enumclaw, Washington
Organized January 10, 1904
Contact: ReBecca Thomas, Lodge Secretary
Email: [email protected]
Lodge Address: The Danish Hall, 1708 Porter Street, Enumclaw, WA 98022
Lodge Mailing Address: P.O. Box 1414, Enumclaw, WA 98022
Lodge Website:

Hygge Lodge #188 | Enumclaw, Washington
Organized: 2018
Contact: Sandra Nelson, Lodge Secretary
Email: [email protected]
Lodge Facebook Page:


Dronning Margrethe Lodge #15 | Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Organized September 20, 1891
Contact: Ann-Marie Bergman, Lodge Secretary
Email: [email protected]
Lodge Facebook Page:

Katherine Lodge #20 | Kenosha, Wisconsin
Organized August 28, 1892
Contact: Anna Nielsen, Lodge President
Email: [email protected]

Lodge Facebook Page: